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    The OpenIDC standard claims doesn’t include group memberships or roles. So I try to create a custom OIDC Claim groovy script to add a custom claim.

    My user data store is Active Directory, with proper configuration, the group memberships are displayed in the group tab of “Subject” section of the realm.

    However, in the custom OIDC claim script, try to use identity.getMemberships(IdType.GROUP) got an error “javax.script.ScriptException: java.lang.SecurityException: Access to Java class \”com.sun.identity.idm.IdType\” is prohibited.”

    Is there a way to allow this class to script engine?


     Peter Major

    Go to Configuration – Global – Scripting select your script type and you should be able to control the whitelist there.


    Thanks, @peter-major. Works without bounce the server.


    @wshen could you share your modified OIDC Claim groovy script? I am trying to achieve same but no luck.

    Thanks in advance



    I created a custom claim block inside “claimAttributes” array:

    "roles": { claim, identity, requested ->
      identity.getMemberships(IdType.GROUP).collect { group -> 'ROLE_' + }

    Make sure add import com.sun.identity.idm.IdType at top of script.


    @wshen thanks a lot, it is working great.

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