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    I’m having trouble creating an assignment that applies to a custom managed object.

    Here’s the steps I’ve taken:

    * Install IDM (5.5, MySQL repo)
    * Create the custom object (employee)
    * Configure two way relationships between employee and role (similar to user/role)
    * Configure effectiveRoles and effectiveAssignments attributes for employee object (same as definition in user object)
    * Create a mapping between employee object and directory (default behaviour, Livesync off)
    * Create a test employee
    * Create a test role
    * Assign test role to test employee, confirm two way relationship
    * Create a test assignment that maps members of the test role to a custom, multi-valued attribute in the directory (orgMemberOf)
    * Run reconciliation

    The test employee is replicated to directory but orgMemberOf is not populated by the assignment.

    If I switch the employee onject for the default user object, everything works fine.

    Also, effectiveRoles and effectiveAssignments don’t appear to be working for the employee object (return empty arrays). I suspect this is the issue, but don’t know how to fix it.

    – Chris

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