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     Corey Lundy

    Hi all,

    I am wondering if/how it would be possible to create a separate custom managed user type object in IDM that has all the same functionality of the managed user object, but can be treated separately/individually in mappings and not mingled with the default managed user object.

    I have attempted to create this, but am unable to get the “Password” tab to show up in the Admin UI so that admins would be able to change the passwords for these users. Is the password tab reserved only for the default user object? If so, is there a way to make the password property of the custom object editable, but obscured (i.e. so you don’t see it in plain text in the admin UI)?


     Jatinder Singh

    Hi Corey,

    Please note the default managed objects available out of the box comes with custom view objects that are available at ui/admin/default/org/forgerock/openidm/ui/admin. The password tab for the stock managed user object is configured under EditUserView.js which ends up rendering the password tab in the admin UI. So, will need to define UI component for your custom managed object. As best practice, it is advised not to change the default admin directory directly as mentioned in the link below:


     Corey Lundy

    That helps, thanks!

     Corey Lundy

    So when I copy the files from ui/admin/default over to ui/admin/extension do the files under extension take precedence over the files in default? I.e. do I need to copy all the files from default to extension for it to work or can I just copy the ones I need to manipulate (with the appropriate folder structure of course)? Just trying to understand how it works.

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