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    We are using OpenIDM 5.5 for Identity Synchronization from Salesforce Web Service (Authoritative Source) to MS SQL Server and OpenDJ as Target Systems.

    Out of the box Salesforce connector cannot fulfill our client requirement, so we have developed custom java connector to fetch the data from Salesforce REST endpoint in batches.
    We need to send response back to Salesforce ACKNOWLEDGE endpoints after fetching every set of a batch. We have used OpenICF framework to get the data and used execute Query API to get the data in batch and store the same in ManagedObject of OpenIDM.

    While running the reconciliation, execute Query method is iterating each user and not able to pull the data to ManagedObjects and it is iterating in an infinite loop.
    Please suggest if there is any way to circumvent it.


    without having access to your custom java connector code, it won’t be easy to help…


    Hello Bhaskark can you please share the custom connector code .

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