Create a new authentication module in OpenAM 13

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    Hi All,

    I’m a software developer recently tasked with creating a Forgerock custom authentication module, so our customers that have Forgerock in place can authenticate using my service.

    I think you can create auth modules for OpenAM and OpenIDM. I decided too look into OpenAM first and I found this documentation and but somehow I haven’t been able to compile the source code because of this error

    ( Not authorized , ReasonPhrase:Unauthorized.


    I was introduced to your software when it was still called OpenSSO, so now that it’s closed source I don’t know what’s the process. Does this mean that I need a Subscription to Forgerock to be able to write an auth module?

    I work in a company that provides a 2nd factor authentication solution, we want to offer an integration with you guys, if possible I would like to avoid buying the entire solution just for developing the module

    Any help is appreciated

    – Miguel

     Andrew Potter

    You probably want to be developing a ‘node’.

    However, step 1 of getting access to the Maven repositories is:
    Ensure the BackStage account being used has been added to a subscription.

    I suggest you enquire here:


    Yes I also found out about Auth nodes and I didn’t know what path to choose. I guess Auth Node is the way to go right now. Thanks!

    I will ask around about becoming a partner.

    Thank you Andrew!

    – Miguel

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