Couldn't Search with LDAP Filter: ou=SelfWriteAttributes

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    I am adding some custom attributes.
    I could add attribute and assign to a class successfully.

    After that next step is to “Allow Users To Update the New Attribute”, in this phase i have issue.
    Search with “ou=SelfWriteAttributes” shows zero entries.
    Actually it was working for me till some months back.


    Sorry, but there is not enough information in your post to understand what is it that you are trying to do or where is the problem.
    Can you be more explicit ?

     Bill Nelson

    I would suggest looking in your opendj/logs/access log for the filter “ou=SelfWriteAttributes” and see what messages you find.

    You might want to check for any ACIs that may have been added since “some months back” to see if any of them are preventing you from seeing any response.

    Or as @ludo indicates, provide more information.



    I am trying to add new LDAP attribute. I could add it, next i am trying to Allow Users To Update the New Attribute. For that i have to update “SelfWriteAttributes” with new attributes.
    But i am not able to see that entry in OpenDJ Controlpanel using LDAP Filter=ou=SelfWriteAttributes.

    One of the reason may be OpenDJ contains more than 20 lakhs records, if so how to update “SelfWriteAttributes”?

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    Log doesn’t says much, and no exceptions i could find. But i suspect search execution started but not getting result due to heavy data. OpenDJ contains more than 20 lakhs records.



    I don’t know what is “lakhs”.
    I don’t understand what you call SelfWriteAttributes. It seems to be an entry, and a value of the attribute “ou”. But your descriptions lack complete context, and as we cannot see what you see or do, it’s really difficult to help, if not impossible.


    I mean my LDAP consists of more than 2 million entries.

    I am trying to do the 3rd step in openAM documentation,

    In that i am not getting search result.


    Some issue is there in search (may be due to bulk data)

    Instead change attribute directly instead of search and update.

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