Correct keystore.jceks and truststore location for CDM OpenIDM?

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    I’m trying to use a previous (4.5) keystore.jceks and truststore (required for a data migration) in a deployment via CDM. But I see 2 locations in the deployed openidm pod:

    • /opt/openidm/security/{keystore.jceks,truststure} – from my docker image
    • /opt/openidm/secret/{keystore.jceks,truststure} – mounted from a k8s secret

    After placing my truststore and keystore.jceks in the helm/openidm/secrets dir and doing a helm install, openidm errors off with: Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect
    ... Can't open boot keystore
    Caused by: Exception trying to fetch key with alias dsameUserPwd

    and more errors that seem to spawn from this.

    Which location is openidm actually using? I’ve verified that the password in can list the contents of each store.

    Previous version is 4.5. Is there more I need to do beyond copying the 2 store files?

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