Converting STS Token: OpenAM -> SAML2

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    Hi guys, I need to convert an OpenAM token into a SAML2 and the appropriate subject confirmation for my case is HOLDER_OF_KEY. Given that, I read the documentation and it’s well defined there that:

    When generating an assertion with a holder-of-key subject confirmation method, the proof_token_state property is required. The value for this property is an object that contains the base64EncodedCertificate property.

            "token_type": "OPENAM",
        "output_token_state": {
            "token_type": "SAML2",
            "subject_confirmation": "HOLDER_OF_KEY",
            "proof_token_state": "MIMbFAAOBjQAwgYkCgYEArSQ...c/U75GB2AtKhbGS5pimrW0Y0Q=="

    My question is: what certificate is that? I mean, should I generate a keystore cert and do something or is it issued by OpenAM? (As you realized, I’m confused here).

    Does anyone could give me a clue?

    Thanks in advance, regards.

     Peter Major

    See section 2.2.
    The proof_token_state is going to hold the X.509 certificate of the attesting entity (based on my reading of the above spec).


    Hi Peter, very useful clue. I could generate my SAML assertion. Thank you so much.

    A useful link is that one ( and after I have comprehended completely the certificate question, I was able to generate the SAML.

    By the way, there is a small mistake in my JSON above… intead of:

    "proof_token_state": "MIMbFAAOBjQAwgYkCgYEArSQ...c/U75GB2AtKhbGS5pimrW0Y0Q=="

    We need to do:

    "proof_token_state": {
                    "base64EncodedCertificate": "MIMbFAAOBjQAwgYkCgYEArSQ...c/U75GB2AtKhbGS5pimrW0Y0Q=="


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