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     Henk Schouten


    I recently developed a scripted REST connector using the Groovy toolkit. The connector is working fine, but I did not manage to get all the messages showing up in the connector configuration screen. The documentation suggests that adding somekey.display and properties to the file would do the trick. I tried to use somekey as a label in the connector’s html file but that did not work. Then I discovered that the existing labels were identified by keys like These are defined in the translation.json file in the locale directory. So I added my own definitions there but these also did not show up in the configuration screen. In all cases I restarted openidm after my modifications.

    So, now I am confused. What is the best approach to adding your own messages to the configuration screen? Is there a build step that I missed that propagates the messages from the file to the translation.json file? Is there a build step or script that I should run after modifying the translation.json file?

    Thanks in advance for any advice on this issue.

    Best regards,
    Henk Schouten

     Mike Jang

    Hi Henk,

    (this may not apply to old versions)

    Currently, we use the translation.json file to include messages. As an example, you can find messages for our standard LDAP connector in the ldapConnector code block. You can find this file in the following directory: /path/to/openidm/ui/admin/default/locales/en/

    When customizing the UI, we encourage deployers to set up an extension/ subdirectory, as discussed here:


     Henk Schouten

    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your answer. I did copy the ui/admin/default files into the extension/ subdirectory and made my modifications there. The problem is that the messages I added/changed in the translation.json file don’t show up in the configuration screen of my connector. I understand that there is a connector code block and specific code blocks per connector type, like the ldapConnector you mentioned. Since my connector is called OSBConnector I have added a code block osbConnector inside the connector code block with some properties. Then I referenced these properties as in the html file. But still this does not work, so what am I doing wrong? Is it possible that after changing the translation.json file some extra action has to be done? Like running a script?


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