Configuring "one way" OpenIDM to OpenDJ

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    OpenIDM communicates with OpenDJ , OpenIDM downloads the LDAP.

    If i run “sample2” (one way), just OpenDJ can edit information and OpenIDM read.
    If i run “sample2b” (two way), Both can edit information.

    However, i would like OpenIDM edit information and OpenDJ can read.
    I think it is a configuration “one way” ; but i don’t find how to make this configuration.

    Can anyone help me?
    thank you,



    in samples/sample2b/conf/sync.json, there are the 2 mappings defined (to DJ and from DJ).
    If you want to keep only the OpenIDM=>OpenDJ sync, then keep managedUser_systemLdapAccounts mapping and remove systemLdapAccounts_managedUser.

    Hope this helps,


    I tried your solution; but :

    1 : I have one Error java ; that says : “Schedule mapping error systemLdapAccounts_managedUser no found” ; so it’s normal, i removed systemLdapAccounts_managedUser.

    2 : I can still create a User in OpenDJ and after the mapping ; read in OpenIDM.

    3 : Create User in OpenIDM; read in OpenDJ ; remove in OpenDJ ; the mapping start and the User is still in OpenIDM but nowhere in OpenDJ. However after the mapping the User will be recreate in OpenDJ.

    I don’t understand. Can you tell me more about that ?

     Jake Feasel

    If you want DJ to truly be read-only for everyone except OpenIDM, then you would have to configure that with proper access controls; I suggest creating a specific user to use in the OpenIDM connection to DJ and make that user the only one capable of making changes.

    All that would be left to do is have a single mapping (source:IDM, target:DJ) for each type of object you are managing (accounts, groups, etc…). This would make IDM the authoritative source for those records.

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