Configuring claims in oauth2 userinfo response

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    Hi all,

    I am trying to configure OpenAM to get some additional values in …/openam/oauth2/userinfo response.
    Currently I’m getting json:
    “sub”: “c933bf6c-a6b9-4327-9456-adc574acd746”,
    “updated_at”: “1445531015”
    For example I try adding openid and email in the Scope(s) section of oauth2/openid agent configuration.
    I also added request parameter “scope=openid email” to previous URL but with no luck.
    In oauth2 provider service configuration there are this default entries in the Supported Claims section :
    Any suggestions why this is not working?


    It looks like there have been a few bugs raised related to this feature
    Based on the response to that bug, looks like it wasn’t reproducible in AM 12.
    It may help if you can review the logs for any errors related to this and then maybe raise a bug report with specific details on your setup.
    Good luck.

     Peter Major

    What happens if you use both “openid” and “profile” scopes?


    I get the same response like without them

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