Configure openIG to re-direct to Service Provider

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    Hi Team,

    I am new to OpenIG and need your help to implement my use case.
    I have configured FR AM as IDP and AWS as SP. SAML is working fine.

    Assertion attribute : 

    Now, I have deployed my IG instance and want to route my SAML request through IG.
    Could you please help me in writing my routes on IG



    Please suggest

     Jatinder Singh

    Is your IG instance proxying AM or your SP app?

    If you plan to put IG in front of AM to proxy SAML2 calls e.g. AuthNRequest going through IG before it hits AM – it will be tricky as IG being a SAML2 proxy is not supported out of the box as far as I know.

    Now if your goal is to set-up an IDP Proxy – you can still do that by standing an AM instance that would act as an IDP proxy. You can check out the below links on this topic:

    Hope this helps!

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