Configure Authentication Trees via Amster

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    I am trying to setup OpenAM 6.0.0 to have the following flow:
    Start -> Page Node(Username Collector, Password Collector) -> DataStoreDecision -> Success or Failure

    It seems that I would have to load the JSON containing this flow. However, I do not see any examples regarding usages of utility nodes, specifically Page Node. I am not sure how to setup the Page Node in the JSON to contain the UserName and Password Collector. Does anyone have this setup or know how to set it up?



    Drag and Drop Username and password collectors to page node. Thanks.


    Yes, that is if you are doing it via the OpenAM console. I am trying to do it via the Amster scripts.


    Finally got around to resolve the issue. The Amster command for configuring Page Node to contain Username Collector and Password collector is the following command:

    create PageNode --realm realmName --id a76d0d34-f9e6-4c89-982c-9fce20b76fb8 --body '{"nodes": [{"_id": "fb7f7f05-67a6-4007-a412-4c28c36b2723","displayName": "Username Collector","nodeType": "UsernameCollectorNode"},{"displayName": "Password Collector","nodeType": "PasswordCollectorNode","_id": "aeec1aa6-1839-42bc-b668-07f9d50a6b9c"}]}'

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