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    @peter-major: to avoid any ambiguity, I want to confirm the following:

    Per the terms of the CDDL, all source code for AM 13.5 that has been obtained from FR backstage and carries a CDDL header can be:

    • Built from source
    • Modified
    • Publicly shared (in source form)
    • Publicly shared (in binary form)

    Again, to clarify, we understand that the binaries that are produced by ForgeRock and provided on FR backstage require a commercial license.

    We are merely verifying that source code that: 1) has been made available to a subscriber through FR backstage, and that 2) prominently carries a CDDL header in the ZIP file from FR is 100% subject to the CDDL and is therefore not subject to any restrictions from the FR commercial license.


    Is there way to customize the search filter that OpenAM uses to lookup users in LDAP user store?

    I currently have a requirement to migrate users from CA directory to OpenDJ. The CA directory has attribute values with prefix ex uid=USABC:[email protected] These accounts are migrated into OpenDJ as uid=USABC:[email protected] OpenAM uses OpenDJ as the user store.

    The existing clients send username as [email protected] and the current SSO tool that openAM is replacing, appends this prefix value before querying LDAP…it converts the searchfilter to uid=USABC:[email protected]

    Is there a way for OpenAM as well to accept username as [email protected] but query LDAP as uid=USABC:[email protected]
    We tried using the “uid<=” operator in the search field that returns duplicate values if there are two users have similar UID.
    The other option we are looking at is create a separate attribute, but not sure if there is easy way to do that.


    I would like to build OpenAM 13, Please advise from where I can download the OpenAM 13 Source code.



    @viruls: Consider the Wren:AM fork:

    It is not officially supported by ForgeRock, and 13.x has some known security issues that we are working on patching, but if you want to dive into 13, try it out. Let us know if you have questions.


    Is there a community edition of OpenDJ? If yes, how can I download it?


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