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    @peter-major, Thank You.


    If have problem with community edition can I ask in ForgeRock Products forum ?
    Or other ?


    @peter-major, Thank you very much for clarification !


    Yeroc is right. This kills community involvement.


    Just today I have registered and after lurking around for a half hour or so I find out that the code is no more open source. At least the latest (commercial) version.

    Did you know dual licensing?

    As of the criticality of an idm or am, the oss version should always stay at the same release as the commercial version (eg. critical bugfixes).

    This is the cause I have made my decision not to invest any more research on how to use this product.

    I know that I am using my own home brewed idm and am system – for prototyping purposes – I am in search about production grade replacements that are still oss.


    Sadly it seems that ForgeRock has gone from releasing awesome software for community use as well as enterprise to being a fullblooded enterprise company. Sad to see such a good alternative to some things go into oblivion when it comes to places that do not have too much $$$ and by all such a great community product.

    But I guess $$ is more important for the company.


    the community needs something that’s actually open source.

    the oss edition (“community edition”?) being offered is just old code from 2 yrs back.

    given everything thats happening, i think a fork is in order:

     Peter Major

    @Kortanul just a clarification:
    The OpenRock repositories are operated by a third party (in no way affiliated with ForgeRock) to ensure that the open source code can be easily accessed. As such, what is available from those repositories is not something that ForgeRock can influence.


    @peter-major corrected — ty!


    I’m looking for source codes of Web Policy Agent 3.x.x.
    But, it seems that doesn’t contain them,.
    Moreover, have only 4.0.x.
    Do you have any sugesstions?


    I just read the closing off the trunk from the public, I have to admit that this is a very worrying development (pun intended).
    Locking out the Community is probably doing more harm than good.

    Concerning the community edition. I downloaded the 2.1.2 binary but that doesn’t start it throws a Class Not Found. Anyone know what is wrong? The Classpaths are set right.


    I agree with you, the strength was the opensource community and it’s enormous manpower.
    I think this will aid Syncope that is still open and offers commercial support (which is of value)

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    where can i get link to download 2.4.5 zip to download , i want to upgrade from 2.3 opends .
    It seems all links to downloads are broken or not available
    any help is appreciated



    I´m trying to sincronize an Active Directory and I get the error “Resource ‘system/ldap/account’ not found
    “. I´ve read that maybe is for an outdated connector (it´s bundleVersion, and it should be )

    Maybe there is another reason.. otherwise, how could I fix it?

    Thanks for your help!!


    every time I try to post to this forum, I have to post twice. what is up with that?

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