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    openDJ Version 3.0 (mandatory version to be used on customer side)

    We have an external application that needs to query the external changelog (cn=changelog). For that, we have created a dedicated account to be used, which works fine: I can see all changes and can also query the changenumbers I need to fetch.

    However, this does only work with regular searches, but not when using simplePageSize control (OID 1.2.840.113556.1.4.319), which is what the external application is doing as well.

    example (simplified the logs):

    working example without using paged searches
    ./ldapsearch -D “cn=dedicated_user” -w password -s sub -b cn=changelog “(cn=*)” connection
    dn: cn=changelog

    non-working example
    ./ldapsearch -D “cn=dedicated_user” -w password -s sub -b cn=changelog –simplePageSize 50 “(cn=*)” connection
    SEARCH operation failed
    Result Code: 12 (Unavailable Critical Extension)
    Additional Information: The search request cannot be processed because it contains a critical control with OID 1.2.840.113556.1.4.319 that is not supported by the Directory Server for this type of operation

    using the paged search on ‘standard user context’ (eg dc=whatever) works fine.

    So the question: how to enable pagedSearch on cn=changelog ? using ‘targetcontrol’ on cn=changelog (entry as ACI) seems not be possible?!

    And yes: the same happens with cn=Directory Manager and on freshly installed server without any special ACI settings.




    The changelog backend does not support the paged results control, thus any use of the paged result control will be ignored.

    However, if you are relying on the changenumber attribute, you can already emulate page result control by using range filters.

    For example, let’s say the last changenumber read is 5719, in this case you can ask for the next hundred changenumbers with the search filter (&(changeNumber>=5719)(changeNumber<=5818)).


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