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    Wanted to understand how the clustering and replication in AM servers happen ? In the cases where there are more than one AM boxes, how the session and data are replicated?

    Could you please post some material related to the above?

    Thanks in advance,

     Bill Nelson

    AM instances are grouped together in what is called a “site”. Instances in a site share a common configuration. Configuration data is stored in a directory server. You can either use the embedded DS or an external DS. If you use embedded, you get a new DS for every AM instance that you place in the site. If you use an external DS, you can decide how many DS instance you want to use. Data is synchronized between the DS instances through multi-master replication. If you use embedded, each DS instance is joined to the replication mesh. If you use an external DS, you have already configured the replication topology outside of AM. Session data is stored in the core token service (CTS) which is also a DS instance. You should use an external DS (similar to the config DS) and you define the replication topology you want. While you “could” use the embedded DS instance for sessions, it is not advisable due to the amount of replication traffic that sessions generate. User profile data is typically stored on an entirely different DS or DB instance – not AM.


    Thanks Bill brilliant answer I was looking for.

    However is there any where I know to understand more on replication mesh on embedded instance(how to create that), or replication topology on external DS instance. That will help me a lot.


     Andy Cory

    If you set up an AM site as Bill explains, the replication between embedded config stores will be configured for you, there’s nothing more to do.

    Configuration of replication for external instances does have to be done, and the best source of information on how to do this is ForgeRock’s own documentation, for example


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