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     Gentjan Kocaqi

    Hi Community,

    Is there a way to check the integrity of the Configuration Store (OpenDJ)?
    I just want to know in general how I can check if the config store of OpenAM is not corrupted.

    Thanks and regards,

     Scott Heger

    Depends on what you mean by corrupted. If you want to check the health of the OpenDJ repository itself you can navigate to the bin directory of your OpenDJ configuration repository and run the “status” command. If there are issues with the underlying database being corrupted it should tell you.

     Gentjan Kocaqi

    Hi Scott,

    Thank you for your reply.

    By corrupted I mean for example that some ldap entries are removed/added/changed. Since this is a general question, I don’t have a specific case to show you but here is an example of a remove:
    ‘An LDAP Administrator remove an entry in the configuration store (lets say an entry under the entryDN: ou=services,dc=openam,dc=forgerock,dc=org)’. Is there any way to check the integrity of the LDAP server that in this case will tell me that something is missing in the config store.
    ‘status’ command is more related to the LDAP server itself and in my example will say that everything is ok.


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