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     Brad Tumy

    By default the CLI tool uses the configuration found in /openidm/conf … if we are using another configuration directory (e.g. /openidm/acme/conf ) is it possible to have the CLI tool use this conf directory instead of the default? Specifically I am wanting to use the validate tool to validate the files found in the acme directory instead of the default conf.

    One work-around would be to copy all of the customer’s customizations to the default conf directory but we would prefer keeping the customizations in a separate folder to ease the deployment and possibly recovery process.


     Mike Jang

    Hi Brad,

    I assume you’re familiar with the samples in the /path/to/openidm/samples directory. I think each sample in that folder includes a conf subdirectory.

    For example, when you start OpenIDM with the files associated with Sample 1 e.g. ./ -p samples/sample1, OpenIDM uses the configuration files in the samples/sample1/conf subdirectory.

    (OpenIDM would then also use files from the included data and script subdirectories)


     Brad Tumy

    Thanks for your response Mike. I understand OpenIDM will use the conf under the project folder (specified with the -p) but the ./ (or .bat) seem to still default to the conf in the root OpenIDM folder.


    Indeed Brad. There is no argument in to target another conf directory. You might enter a request for improvement in OpenIDM Jira.

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