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    Hi all,

    I have an existing Access Manager (AM) implementation that is functioning correctly using FR Directory Services (DS) as the user data store.

    I’d like to implement a solution that allows an admin to flag an account for “Change Password on Next Login” using the ‘iplanet-am-user-password-reset-force-reset’ attribute in DS, then redirects the user to a custom application next time they log in.


    I’ve been trying to implement this using a simple server-side JavaScript authentication module that executes after the first LDAP module. I can pass the user through if the attribute is not set, but am struggling with the redirect logic when it is set to true.

    Authentication Module Script below:

    if (getChangePasswordNextLogin()) {
        authState = FAILED;
        // Want to redirect a user here
    } else {
        authState = SUCCESS;
    function getChangePasswordNextLogin() {
        var getChangePasswordNextLogin = idRepository.getAttribute(username, "iplanet-am-user-password-reset-force-reset");
        if (getChangePasswordNextLogin == null || getChangePasswordNextLogin.isEmpty()) {
            return false;
        else {
          	var change = getChangePasswordNextLogin.iterator().next();
            if (change == 'true') {
                return true;
            else {
                return false;

    Is this a reasonable approach? If so, how can I redirect the user to the password app?

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