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    Will the CDM work with a newer version of cert-manager? The 6.5.2 release uses 0.5.0, but the current is 0.11.0.

     Warren Strange

    Yes it will. You may have to tweak the installation – please make sure you review the cert-manager documentation at https://docs.cert-manager.io/en/latest/

    We are in the process of updating many of the cluster deployment scripts, and we will upgrade cert-manager at that time.


    So I’ve tried this a few time and have run into problems. The goal is to use LetsEncrypt for certs, but this means using dns01 for validation since CDM wants to use a wildcard cert. I’ve used eksctl to install my EKS cluster on an existing VPC, and then installed cert-manager 0.11.0 via helm, but end up with this error trying to obtain a wildcard cert:

    unable to assume role: AccessDenied: User: 
    is not authorized to perform: 
    sts:AssumeRole on resource: 

    Has anyone been able to use LetsEncrypt with AWS Route53 using either the CDM cloudformation templates (or eksctl)? I’m wondering if switching back to the CF template will solve this.

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