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    I’ve followed the CDM instructions and am wondering if I’ve missed something. In my openidm deployment, the IDM command line ends with this:

    org.forgerock.openidm.launcher.Main -c /opt/openidm/bin/launcher.json -p /git/config/6.5/default/idm/sync-with-ldap-bidirectional

    I expected to see the git path as /git/config/6.5/cdm/m-cluster/idm/ds-repo-explicit

    Did I miss something? Why is the git path not using /git/config/6.5/cdm/…?


    I now see this is set in openidm.yaml. So the question is what is the difference between these 2 configuration directories?

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    /git/config/6.5/default/idm/sync-with-ldap-bidirectional is the configuration used in 6.5 which uses a postgres repo. It has a mapping configured to sync the postgres users out to an ldap userstore.

    /git/config/6.5/cdm/m-cluster/idm/ds-repo-explicit is based around using ds as a repo which is the approach used in 7.0. Not sure why both of these urls are referenced here.


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