Can't get attributes in HTTP headers

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    Can you, please, help me in setting up config and agents so attributes are passed to the client? I can’t get these attributes in headers. They won’t be visible to the user’s browser.
    I need some code in C# to access to them. Can you help me?

    Thank you.


    Hi Nadia,
    In OpenAM, go to: <Web Agents> -> [Agent Name] -> Application -> Profile Attribute Map: you map the attributes you need to pass to the agent. There are so many blogs on this. For instance:

    One thing is clear to me, you won’t be able to see those attributes in the browsers, or HTTP sniffers… But in your code, you read them from the request object.

    I have not done c# in more than 8 years, but you read headers with a code of this nature:

    string myAttr= Request.Headers[“MyATTRIBUTE”]; //MY ATTRIBUTE is the label you set in OpenAM

    Hope this helps!

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