can’t Build the am-base Docker image

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    Hello guys, hope everybody’s fine considering the current COVID situation.
    I am running into a problem when I am following the walktrough on how to build our own docker images at the following url :

    On the point J, it is said Build the am-base Docker image: and the command to enter is this one :

    [code] docker build –build-arg docker_tag=7.0 –tag if-forgerock/am-base:7.0 . [/code]

    The problem that I have is after I hit enter, a docker images is built, and a tomcat is started. and the system is waiting at : – – [08/Apr/2021:16:32:47 +0000] “POST /am/config/configurator HTTP/1.1” 200 23 31442ms

    And at this point, I don’t have a clue what to do, plus, the images is not present when I list my docker images. But the other images are present .

    localhost/if-forgerock/ds 7.0 a4f42a031fd4 13 minutes ago 208 MB
    <none> <none> d6c429d2ca38 42 minutes ago 965 MB
    localhost/am-empty 7.0 cd9324bb9874 48 minutes ago 795 MB
    <none> <none> 0abe7239d3ff 49 minutes ago 997 MB
    localhost/if-forgerock/amster 7.0 17972022b5f4 51 minutes ago 473 MB
    localhost/amster 7.0 17972022b5f4 51 minutes ago 473 MB latest 9416f292c34f 55 minutes ago 147 MB 9-jdk11-adoptopenjdk-hotspot bb66e0cb4c27 42 hours ago 466 MB

    I really need to create a docker images to be able to fullfill my goals into a project which I need to pop several instances on different cloud providers.

    I am looking forward to read your answers, I am kind of desperate here.


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