Cannot update software statement in openbanking directory


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    I have created and onboarded a software statement using the ui available at
    It has two redirect uris – one for localhost and one for prod
    PC integration was successful, however I also need to test it via mobile as we are building a cross-platform app

    I would like to update the redirect uris to include my LAN ip – doing so on the statement page and hitting Save does not whitelist the new uri when proceeding through the flow
    It seems that an additional onboarding PUT operation needs to be performed. When I try to use the forgerock ui, it behaves as if it didn’t have the certs (Pressing Test MATLS returns {"issuerId": "anonymous","authorities": ["ROLE_ANONYMOUS"]}). Pressing either OnBoard or isAlreadyOnboard and then Update returns Something Wrong happened. Same with Off board or even Read

    Tried to work around this by using postman PUT /open-banking/register from . However I get this An error happened when registering your OIDC client: 400 {\"error_description\":\"The request is missing a required parameter, includes an invalid parameter value, or is otherwise malformed.\",\"error\":\"invalid_request\"}. I am having difficulty in finding any documentation stating precisely which parameters it requires

    I don’t want to create a new software statement anytime my LAN ip changes. This is simply not maintainable. Please help



    Note that the current forum is for directory services, i.e. the LDAP product :)
    It is not for OpenBanking Directory.

    Although I highly sympathize with you: 1) the naming is ambiguous and 2) there is no forum for OpenBanking.
    I have let the relevant people know about your question in our internal communication tool.


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