Can we use different email to login ?

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    I need to save different mail as the mail attribute in openDJ and also need to login to openAM with any of this mail ,is it possible with openAM ,Any suggestion please ?

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     Peter Major

    Not sure what you really want, since one-liner descriptions aren’t really that helpful, but probably the useFirstPass feature, or just simply configuring the LDAP authentication module correctly should allow you to log in against more than one attribute value.

     Mike Woodburne

    How are you storing the different mail values in OpenDJ?

    And, of course, which version of both OpenAM and OpenDJ are you using?


    I need to add values through rest end point .So the request body may have two different parameters and its value point to same parameter in the openDJ ldap.Is it possible ?
    version is 2.6.0.

     Peter Major

    I’m sorry, but I have no idea what you are trying to describe. Could you provide an example?

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