can openAM check multiple resources and permission in one authorization call

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    I have a web application, which displays 40-200 fields/parameters in a single page.
    the application need to check if the login user has the permission to view or update each field.
    Calling openAM authorization REST API for each field permission would be too slow.
    Is there a way for the application to submit all field permission checking to OpenAM and OpenAM returns grant/deny decision for each field in one http response?

     Peter Major

    The REST API in 12 offers batch policy evaluation if I’m not mistaken:

    $ curl -v -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "iplanetdirectorypro: <adminToken>" -d '{"resources":[""],"subject":{"ssoToken":"<userToken>"}}'

    As you can see “resources” is a JSON array, so you should be able to pass in more than one resource with a single request for policy evaluation.

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