Can I connect to embedded openAM openDJ ldap data store

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    I need to connect and access the schema of embedded openDJ installed with openAM.
    Can i do it?
    If yes can you please tell me what tool will help me to connect?
    Also let me know can I add attributes to existing embedded openDJ schema ? or otherway round is embedded openDJ is modifiable ?


     Peter Major

    The embedded DJ can be found under OPENAM_HOME/opends folder. You should be able to modify the directory schema as you wish.


    Yes, You can connect to embedded openDJ installed with openAM.
    Go to <user’s home dir>/openam/opends/bat/control-panel.bat (for windows)
    Go to <user’s home dir>/openam/opends/bin/control-panel (for linux)

    For second question, as per my understanding I don’t think we can add user attribute. BTW what user’s attribute you like to add?


    I want to completely create new entry using ‘xyz’ object class and add attributes within that new entry. I do not want to set any attributes on users/groups.
    With my code i am able to access ldap schema, add attributes to groups or users .
    I am just wondering how can i add new entry to schema which will have new attributes within it.
    I have java code to add attributes to user/groups but not sure how to add new entry under base entry
    —+ ou=groups
    —+ ou=users
    —+ o=secure_obj //how to add using API’s ???

    I want to add “o=secure_obj” entry using java code. I am able to do manually using active dir studio tool. Is there any API to do it ?

     Peter Major

    It really depends on what kind of API you are using in the first place. Also this question seems to be more OpenDJ-specific to me, so you may wish to ask the question in that forum instead.

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