Calling REST API from XHTML forms

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    I have created a workflow with forms in XHTML file for requesters to fill up before submitting. One requirement is we need to pre-fill some fields with values from the resources. One example is that we need to retrieve the managed/role and fill the dropdown options with the role list. To do this I have added the script below in my XHTML file. However, it failed to retrieve that roles. The qry variable only contains {"readyState":1}.

    		var qry = resourceDelegate.searchResource('_id sw ""', '/managed/role');
    		alert("qry: " + JSON.stringify(qry));
    		var roles = qry.result;
    		for (x in roles)
    			var role = roles[x];
    			$("#selectRole").append('<option value="'+role._id+'|'+role.description+'">'+role.description+'</option>');

    I can retrieve the roles using the following on command prommpt.

    curl -u openidm-admin:openidm-admin "http://localhost:8080/openidm/managed/role?_queryFilter=_id%20sw%20%22%22&_prettyPrint=true"

    Anyone can help?

     Morten Lømo

    I am also interested in the answer to this.



    Did you get the solution for this?


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