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    @markus: looks much better now! Thanks

     Mike Jang


    I’m having trouble adding links to my messages. I click the link button, and the Insert/Edit window appears. I add an URL to my link, I enter text, click Add Link, and nothing happens.

    In the Firefox dev console, I see the following errors that correspond to when I enter descriptive text and click Add Link:

    TypeError: f.url.focus(…)[0] is undefined minify-b1-bbpress-editor-c3bea3e3b324f45cb0078e8d7f97e95f.js:951:2268
    Empty string passed to getElementById(). jquery.js:2:0
    TypeError: f.url.focus(…)[0] is undefined minify-b1-bbpress-editor-c3bea3e3b324f45cb0078e8d7f97e95f.js:951:2268
    Empty string passed to getElementById(). jquery.js:2:0
    TypeError: a.ui is undefined minify-b1-bbpress-editor-c3bea3e3b324f45cb0078e8d7f97e95f.js:951:5054
    TypeError: a.ui is undefined minify-b1-bbpress-editor-c3bea3e3b324f45cb0078e8d7f97e95f.js:951:5655
    Empty string passed to getElementById().


    Hey Mike :)

    Hum, I’ll have a look. Thanks for reporting. The “insert link” window has odd styling as well.

    Until we get it fixed you can just paste your link directly in the text area, should work almost as good.



    Today I’ve deployed quite a few updates for this site. Like a major BuddyPress update.

    Also we load assets (js, css, images) from a CDN now, it should be a quicker experience for everyone.

    Please let me know if anyone runs into trouble :)



    The default implementation for this property is ClearTextTransform that performs no transformation. If the password field retrieved from the database needs to be transformed before comparing with the supplied credentials; a custom implementation should be provided. Any custom implementation must implement the following interface com.sun.identity.authentication.modules.jdbc.JDBCPasswordSyntaxTransform

    I have implemented new transform class as follows
    public class DecryptPassword implements JDBCPasswordSyntaxTransform{
    public DecryptPassword() {
    public String transform(String pswrd) throws AuthLoginException {
    encryptedPswd.reverse(); // REVERSE THE INPUT PASSWORD
    return encryptedPswd.toString();

    which is not working as suggested


    note:I moved the class to webapps\OpenAM-12.0.0\WEB-INF\lib and restarted the server for testing

     Michelle Reagin

    I responded to a topic using a few tags (code and li) and the response initially showed up only halfway as a response and then as plain text below the response box. I edited my response to remove the tags since it seems they were causing issues. Now the topic list in the forum shows that I responded, but when you go to the topic it does not show my response.

    The specific topic is:


    every time I go to post something, it disappears.


    is there any way to get my replies to this forum topic to show up?


    In the quick start guide of AM, it is mentioned that to allow the agent, which runs on, to accept AM’s iPlanetDirectoryPro cookie, you must change the AM cookie domain from to

    If we add to the cookie domain, amadmin will be unable to login next time because it will cause an error. The only way to rectify is to delete the entry from the database manually to restart the openAM admin console.

    There should be an option to correct an invalid entry or validate the incorrect domain while entering the domain value.


    Using Webagent to redirect users for authentication. Version AM 6.5, Apache httpd 2.2.25, Web agent


    When we try to access the website hosted in apache httpd server, our screen is redirected to the AM login page. I have entered demo user credentials. After that, instead of home page, we received the below message

    You don’t have permission to access /agent/cdsso-oauth2 on this server.

    We have enabled SSO-only Mode, still we encounter the same error.

    I have encountered similar issues, upon successful re-installation the error did not come up. This is the third time I have faced this issue


    The link doesn’t seem working. Can reinstate or provide alternate link.



    Managed to find alternate link.



    I can’t see my new posted topic. Subject – “dynamic client registration Example with Mutual TLS Authentication”

    When I try to resubmit it gives error, duplicate topic detected.


     Jatinder Singh

    Documenting nice to have bug fix.

    The site takes unusually long time to load. At times, I have to wait any where between 3-5 seconds for the page to be rendered.

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