Bug report: Amster variable substitution

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    I have the following *.amster file:

    amServerUrl = System.getenv("AM_SERVER_URL")
    amHome = System.getenv("OPENAM_HOME")
    connect \
        --private-key amHome/security/keys/amster/amster_rsa \
    import-config \
        --path amHome/openam-tools/amster/export/openam.example.com \
        --clean true \
        --failOnError true


    Amster OpenAM Shell (7.1.0 build 4e72fe392c000b0a15027eb41267d01bfd2d2220, JVM: 11.0.12)
    Type ':help' or ':h' for help.
    am> :load /root/openam/openam-tools/amster/openam-realm-configuration.amster
    ===> true
    ===> https://openam.example.com:8443/openam
    ===> /root/openam
    Could not connect to OpenAM server at https://openam.example.com:8443/openam
    Reason: Could not find the private key file: amHome/security/keys/amster/amster_rsa
    No connection to OpenAM found. Please connect to an OpenAM instance.

    The defined amHomevariable is recognized in the --private-key param.

    I am new in the OpenAM 7.1 world. What I do not understand is I do not see the reason why you guys do not use the standard bash variable syntax for variables ($).

    Really hard to read this script because you have no idea whether the word is a “simple text” or a “variable” in the script. This is a really bad concept to use variables that way in your *.amster script file.

    This one works fine:

    amPassword = System.getenv("AM_ADMIN_PASSWORD")
    amCookieDomain = System.getenv("AM_COOKIE_DOMAIN")
    amServerUrl = System.getenv("AM_SERVER_URL")
    install-openam \
     --acceptLicense \
     --serverUrl amServerUrl \
     --cookieDomain amCookieDomain \
     --adminPwd amPassword
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    sed -i "s~amHome/~$OPENAM_HOME/~g" $OPENAM_HOME/openam-tools/amster/openam-realm-configuration.amster
    $OPENAM_HOME/openam-tools/amster/amster $OPENAM_HOME/openam-tools/amster/openam-realm-configuration.amster

    The SED operation must be removed from the bash script once this bug is fixed.

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