Broken UPDATE synchronization in 3.2.0 master

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    recent commit broke the UPDATE synchronization in

    – SyncEntry entry = new SyncEntry(op, name, context, dateUtil);
    – op.sourceObjectAccessor = sourceObjectAccessor; // **THIS SHOULD NOT BE REMOVED**
    – entry.sourceObjectId = LazyObjectAccessor.qualifiedId(sourceObjectSet, resourceId);
    + SyncAuditEventLogger syncAuditEvent = new SyncAuditEventLogger(op, name, context);
    + syncAuditEvent.setSourceObjectId(LazyObjectAccessor.qualifiedId(sourceObjectSet, resourceId));

    I would love to contribute as the fix is pretty simple one-liner. But I was not able to find any information whether you are open to community code changes. Also I was not able to create a proper bug report because the login did not work for me.


    Hello Pavel,

    thanks for the report and the details.
    The bug is already detected and tracked in Jira.
    I added a link to your message/contribution.

    As for the contribution policy, it is getting worked on at the moment and maybe someone else than me can give more information. (But such a message is already very helpful!).

    For Jira, you should be able to create an account and raise issues. Here again, maybe someone else could help here.



    Thank you for a swift response. I am now able to log in to JIRA – it was probably just some slow account synchronization issue (I have just registered).

    If anyone is interested in the fix –

    We are facing other issues as well so I will try to report them (as proper bugs with Jira access) as I analyze them a bit more.

     Mike Jang

    Hi Pavel,

    FYI, the issue Laurent is talking about is OPENIDM-3702.

    As you might have noticed, we are in the process of moving our version control systems to Git. As suggested in this thread, we hope to enable community contributions to Git in the near future.



    Thank you Pavel!

    I have successfully tried out your patch and have merged the change to master.



    Thank you for the information.

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