Both uid and cn are same and miss actual uid

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    While creating new user from OpenAM UI, ID saves as cn in OpenDJ instead of uid (i.e, both uid and cn are same and miss actual uid) why?

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     Peter Major

    Maybe you have misconfigured the “Authentication Naming Attribute” setting in the Data Store? This works fine for me on OOTB 13.


    Authentication Naming attribute is “uid” and search attribute is “cn”.
    In this case i can Authenticate successfully using either “uid” or “cn”.
    But the issue is when i create user,
    “uid” (ID in OpenAM UI) replaced with “cn” (Full Name in OpenAM UI)
    i.e, “ID” is replaced with “Full Name” or “uid” is replaced with “cn”

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    Help Me please its urgent.

     Peter Major

    Managing identities with OpenAM is not recommended. We could try to troubleshoot what’s going on in your env, but even then you wouldn’t use an appropriate tool for identity management.


    “Managing identities with OpenAM is not recommended”….

    It means using OpenAM UI ? APIs? or Both?

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