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    If there any way to block administrative connector(port 4444) for some clients(any ip in network)?
    Like allowed-client/denied-client for LDAP/JMX connection handlers.

    I want it to be accessible only from localhost.



    There is nothing specific to ForgeRock DS here: you need to correctly configure the machine’s firewall.



    Thanks Jean-Noel.

    Yes, firewall is one option but we are looking for a software based solution.

    Like we can allow or denied LDAP/JMX connection to clients from software itself.

     Chris Ridd

    Well, you could set the administration connector to just listen on, instead of the default

    But, that will cause operational problems and I’d recommend against doing this. Various dsreplication subcommands connect to the administration connectors of remote servers in order to work, so doing this will prevent important things like dsreplication configure and dsreplication status from working.

    OPENDJ-3724 added the ability for the admin connector to use allowed-client and denied-client lists.

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