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    Hi all,

    I checked through the documentation and white papers, but I didn’t seem to find a straight-forward answer. I am wondering if I install OpenAM for learning purposes (very introductory and simple deployment) if I can use it as the user repository/database, or if I need OpenIDM for that.

    Any links for good technical starter information is appreciated! I found slideshows but they were very sales-ey and didn’t talk about the how as much as the what.



     Nicolas Seigneur

    By default, OpenAM can be deployed with a embedded LDAP directory that serves as the configuration repository.

    You can see Rajesh’s excellent blog to get started:


    Thanks Nicolas, that’s a very helpful link.

    I don’t know if it is a client issue but on Safari and Chrome I cannot see your link. I did see it in the email notice through. For anyone else I’m going to put it here and see if it is viewable when I post:



    I am new to OpenAM and will be working on the same very shortly. I had few queries related to installation of OpenAM in windows platform.
    I was trying to follow the steps given in ‘Getting started guide-OpenAM’ to access the openam UI.
    I am facing issues with respect to Apache Http web server installation.
    I have followed these few steps
    1. Edited etc/hosts file (in windows path) to include the fully qualifed domain name (as mentioned in guide)
    2.Installed Apache Tomcat version 7
    3.Copied openam war file to webapps folder of tomcat
    4.I was trying to install http webserver to include the servername and port as mentioned in the guide. Since the guide gives insight to Unix based installation. I have tried to install .msi installer for windows, but since installation gives error wrt Apache service not getting installed(As in windows services, am not not able to see the Apache service), I am not able to proceed further.
    Can you please guide me on how to go about the same , as I am not sure if I am following the right track

     Gentjan Kocaqi

    Hi @arathiforgerock,

    It seems that you had some trouble to install Apache Tomcat Application Server (which by the way, is different from Apache HTTP Web Server). You are in the right track cause that’s the one you need to then deploy OpenAM and ‘play’ with it. Since there not so much information to understand your issue, I will suggest to dig more on internet on ‘how to install Apache Tomcat on Windows’ and fix it first. Then proceed with the deployment of OpenAM. Remember that you need Java on your OS to make Apache Tomcat work.



    Hi @Gentjan Kocaqi,
    Thanks for the reply :)
    I had tried doing as you suggested, I am facing some issued with respect to memory. I have taken screenshot of the same,but I am not sure how to attach the same here, as I dont see any attach file option.
    I am getting the error while i create the default configuration initially.
    The error is as follows “java.lang.OutOfMemoryError thrown from the UncaughtExceptiontpHandler in thread http-bio-8080-exec-10′

    Thanks and Regards,

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