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    I am trying to setup a instance of Identity Gateway. I am still new to Linux system management so I must be missing some piece of knowledge. I am following the Getting started Guide. I have installed Jetty and place the war file in webapps directory. The next step says to place a config file in $HOME/.openig/config/admin.json. I don’t understand where the admin.json file is supposed to be placed. Can someone please point me the right direction. I tried putting it in /home/openig/config.

    When I run java -jar start.jar I get into development mode, but it does not stay in development for any additional runs of start.jar

    Any information is appreciated, and I realize this is most likely a very basic question.


    The configuration files belong in $HOME/.openig/config. You must create the $HOME/.openig/config folder, and then copy the configuration files.

    $ mkdir -p $HOME/.openig/config
    $ vi $HOME/.openig/config/admin.json

    If you plan to to create routes through OpenIG Studio(available on IG 5.0 onwards), make sure that this config.json contains a main router named _router.

    You can find more info here

    Hope it helps.



    A small thing to add, it must be the home folder of the user which is executing Jetty.


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    Config files means the routes(01-static-routes.json,zz-default.json etc) which we place in the config location(ex:$HOME/.openig/config)

    I see more info about routes here.

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