Automated Testing through tools for OpenAM

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    We are looking for automated testing to be performed for Access management using Selenium or Cucumber. This should cover all test cases considered for SAML/ OpenID Connect integrated applications. Does anyone have any suggestions on this please? TIA.

     Jatinder Singh

    When we configure an IDP or Authorization Server for SAML2/OAuth2/OpenID protocols, there can be multiple components at play and it’s not necessary everything runs as a single unit and can be distributed. So it depends how you are using the solution. That said and at very high-level, I see three important things that you can start with and can be part of your testing:

    * Testing of AM Configuration (minus environment specific config) to ensure it’s consistent across your lower and high environments;
    * Testing of any custom Authentication Nodes or Modules you may have written;
    * Testing of any Groovy/JavaScript scripts to support your OAuth2/OpenID requirements;


    Thanks Jatinder. So if we’re exploring only automated testing of SAML integrated App, here if we need to have tested the SP initiated scenario without anyone to provide manual input (for instance- APP URL entered in browser, App redirects to FR , the credentials are filled in and browser is redirected back to App ), does this need to provide hard-coded credentials of a user?

     Jatinder Singh

    My suggestion is to provision a few test accounts within ForgeRock AM (or via IDM if you are using it) that you can use along with Selenium via parameterization for various test cases.

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