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    Are we able to implement SAML with authorization using Policies? Like in chain or auth tree.

    I have a client scenario that uses memberOf attribute in AD to verify the entitlements of a user. They use SAML for SSO and login and would like to implement Authorization as well. When AM is acting as IDP, SAML can be used to authenticate the user and send user profile to SP. I’m wondering if a user can be denied during the AM login if the user doesn’t have the right entitlement. Any inputs are welcome. Thanks.


     Jatinder Singh

    You will require a Policy Decision Point (PDP) to be able to query Authorization Policies and allow/deny access. I suggest looking at Fedlet configuration at the below link:


    Hope this help! Cheers.

     Andrew Potter

    You might also look at developing a custom IDPAdapter that evaluates the AM policy. There is unsupported sample code for such an adapter here: https://bugster.forgerock.org/jira/browse/OPENAM-8299

     Jatinder Singh

    +1 on Andrew’s suggestion.

     Scott Heger

    Having implemented custom IDPAdapters for this very thing for several customers I can attest that that is the approach you should follow.

     Andy Cory

    +1 for the IdP adapter approach. In this instance I think it’s a more lightweight option than the fedlet.

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