Authentication chain module options not taking effect

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    Hello All,

    I have just came across the following unexpected behaviour in OpenAM.

    While configuring an authentication chain with two modules and options set on each module the options don’t seem to take effect and when looking at the modules in the gui, the number of options set is displayed incorrectly.

    On the first module there is one option set, but the gui says 47.
    On the second module there are two options set, the gui says 100.
    When you click on the module to edit, there are no options displayed at all.

    More details about the chain.

    Module 1, (Sufficient) option: iplanet-am-auth-store-shared-state-enabled=true
    Module 2, (Required) options: iplanet-am-auth-shared-state-enabled=true and

    This is in OpenAM 13.

    Thank you in advance,


    Hi there.
    Issue raised in previous thread:
    Not sure if there is a registered bug on this…

     Peter Major
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