Assignment/Unassignment of managed object based on relationship

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     Akshay Date

    Please find below the details regarding our use case:

    1. We have one way (not reverse) relationship between managed objects A & B
    2. What we want to achieve is, when object A is assigned to/unassigned from a user, object B should be assigned to/unassigned from the user implicitly. (Kind of like Role -> Assignment functionality)
    3. This assignment should be limited to OpenIDM only. It should not get reflected to any of the target systems. (Unlike Role -> Assignment functionality)
    4. I tried to implement the same using onUpdate scripts on user object, but they I found out that it’s a known bug that those scripts don’t get triggered for relationship changes in OpenIDM 4.
    5. I tried to implement the same using taskscanner scheduled tasks as well, but it’s not working either. It works only once after changing the flagAttribute to true. (Not sure if my scheduler configuration & database query are correct)

    “scan” : {
    “_queryId” : “scan-Custom-tasks”,
    “object” : “managed/<Object>”,
    “property” : “/<FlagAttribute>”,
    “condition” : {
    “before” : “true”
    “taskState” : {
    “started” : “/task-started”,
    “completed” : “/task-completed”
    “recovery” : {
    “timeout” : “10m”
    “task” : {
    “script” : {
    “type” : “text/javascript”,
    “file” : “script/<someScript>.js”

    Query: “scan-school-tasks” : “SELECT * FROM ${unquoted:_resource} WHERE ${dotnotation:property} = ${condition.before} SKIP ${unquoted:_pagedResultsOffset} LIMIT ${unquoted:_pageSize}”

    Any ideas on how this can be achieved?

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