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    Hi folks I have created a workflow which fires when a user self registers. I want to route the details to a step performed by one of a group of users. The “Main config” tab in the workflow editor allows 3 options:

    1. Assignee
    2. Candidate Users (comma separated)
    3. Candidate Groups (comma separated)

    The first two work fine but I would like to define a group and this is where I am having issues. I can get this to work if I use the underlying activitii tables ACT_ID_GROUP, ACT_ID_USER and ACT_ID_MEMBERSHIP but can’t see a way of defining these groups in OpenIDM? Ideally I would like to assign users to a role and have my workflow step routed to the tasks for all users in that role. Is this possible?




    Looks like I may have found the answer myself. I am able to use an internal authorization role so for anyone needing to do this I:

    1. Added the role “tierOne” to the internalrole table
    2. Assigned my tier one users to this role
    3. Added “tierOne” to Candidate Groups field in the workflow

    Jobs a good-un.

    Hope this helps others, please feel free to correct me if this is a bad idea.

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