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    I want to analyze the SSO Http Artifact SOAP communication between the Fedlet and the IdP but I cannot see anything. Both are deployed in the same Tomcat instance. I configured the OpenAM Debug Level to Message, and the Tomcat debug level to FINE. Also tried tcpdump from the server where the Fedlet and the IdP are installed.

    The URL of the artifact resolver is http://hostname:8088/OpenAM-13.5.0-SNAPSHOT/ArtifactResolver/metaAlias/idp. The Fedlet calls this URL internally or using the browser?

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     Peter Major

    The fedlet establishes an HTTP connection and sends the SOAP messages to the remote IdP. I’m not sure that running the fedlet and OpenAM in the same container is actually a supported setup.

    If you are using wireshark and you are testing a local instance, make sure you select the loopback interface when capturing.


    Maybe that was the problem. I’ll try to select the loopback interface or, better, I’ll install the Fedlet in another server.


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