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    We are using AM 5.5.1 . Is it possible to set different session parameters (Idle Session TimeOut, Max session Time Out) per policy or policy-set instead of Realm level bi


     Bill Nelson 

    Hi @kpattana,

    Can you give a little more context on why you are trying to do this? Session parameters can be set globally, within a realm, or even for a specific user. There are other parameters that I would like to see set for a particular application, but I am not aware of a specific use case for wanting to do so at the application level.




    Thanks Bill for looking at my questions.

    By Application I meant protected web applications. We have 15 mins idle session time out for group of High and critical applications (, . While other applications can have 1 hr idle session time out. Each applications URL policies have a specific policy/ policy-set in OpenAM, but they are all under same realm. So looking for a way to configure policy specific session management.

    You mentioned that session paramater can be set for a specific user. How this can be done ?


     Andy Cory 

    Hi Kabi

    To set session parameters for individual users, check out the iplanet-am-session-service. It’s documented by ForgeRock themselves, but this is a good blog on the subject ->

    Having different user groups with different timeouts makes sense (admin users vs normal users, maybe), but I’m not sure I understand the logic doing this on an application basis, even if it could be done (which I doubt). I understand your use case with critical vs regular applications, but trying to have a user’s session behave differently depending on which protected application he hits goes against the principal of single sign on. What would happen if a user spends 15 idle minutes in one of your critical applications, and therefore hits the idle timeout, and then goes to a non-critical one? Would he still be timed out? Or would the app expect his session to become valid again due to the higher timeout?


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