Apache HTTP 2.4 and Policy agent 3.3


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    After installing apache http server 2.4 and policy agent 3.3…see the resource to be protect.
    Whereas, after successful authentication every time it land only in the user profile page and not taking me to the requested resource.

    Any help?


    More details please. what is the resource you are trying to protect? when you say user profile do you mean the user profile page in openam?


    Thanks Subi….I am trying to protect apache HTTP server home page (/*) and after successful authentication it reaches to openam user profile page always.


    Post authentication, it gets redirected to below url,


    No sure where this #profile/details is enforced from.
    Any help?

     Peter Major

    Have you configured Goto URL validation?


    Hello Peter…thanks for your response.
    Not that I remember configuring a goto URL. Can you help me where I can check this value?
    Also, I am using AM 5.0 on a EC2 (AWS cloud) instance. Is there a special care required for this combination.

    Also when I tied OpenAM13…this validates for cookie domain, whereas AM 5.0 doesn’t validate that…Is that fine?

    Thanks Again!

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