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    I have been trying to update AM properties using amster.
    Amster import works flawlessly, but for one of the properties i.e. DefaultAdvancedProperties i want to update only one property value e.g. update “”: false to
    “”: true

    But when i run an update command in Amster with only this attribute it resets all the advanced properties and sets only the property i used in the udpate command. This is not the right behaviour as for other properties i have been using amster and for all other properties and entities amster can update a single command without resetting the structure or values.
    Is there a workaround or am i doing anything wrong in my update command?
    Update command i used : update DefaultAdvancedProperties –global –body ‘{“”: false}’


     Jatinder Singh

    Hi Akshay, Could you please share your Amster and AM version you are using?


     Jatinder Singh

    And could you please share your use case and why you only need to update a single value? In a typical scenario, the entire AM configuration is version controlled with the complete object (entity) structure. This way, if an object property changes for whatever reason, it’s kept track of, and moves through the regular version control system and into the CI/CD pipeline.

    P.S As the entity name suggets DefaultAdvancedProperties is a plural, and may not work with a single value.


    Hi Jatinder,
    Thanks for the reply,
    I am using AM and Amster version for both.

    I only want to update a specific property and keep the default value for rest of the properties.
    For other entities i am able to do the same using update command but in case of DefaultAdvancedProperties when i try to update the properties it resets the value to only properties i am giving in the udpate command.
    Maybe i need clarity on using the .+ pattern in this entity’s case.

    Otherwise,For updating only 2 parameters i have to send the whole DefaultAdvancedProperties JSON in the body of update command.

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