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    Hi All, today’s inquire is about the AM Console, when i install a fresh AM 6.5 and i log in the Console and reload the browser(without cache) i see that it takes very long to load, sometimes over 20 seconds. My question is, is there any way to improve this time? maybe to tune things up to speed the load of Am Console.

    My environment is: AM 6.5.3 over a tomcat9, OS is CentOS 7.

    Test 1: Going to Am Console’s logging page takes up to ~10 seconds

    Test 2: Already logged in Am Console, doing a hard reload(emptying cache) takes up to ~20 seconds

    Just to specify a bit more i see that most of the load is main.js and bootstrap’s fault

    I would appreciate very much your answers.


     Scott Heger

    Do you have CORS enabled by any chance?

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