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    I have been testing AM for a couple of weeks now and had it configured to talk to an external DS. I added a schema file to the external DS and after that my AM instance can’t seem to find its original configuration anymore.

    When I go to the login screen I am presented with two options:

    Create Default Configuration
    Create Custom Configuration

    The error I see is the one described here:

    However, this is not a new install. Is there a way to recover my install or do I have to clear the DS configuration as detailed in the article above and if so how would I achieve this? I am not entirely clear from the article what the remove.ldif file would contain.

    Thanks for the help

     Jatinder Singh

    What version of AM and DS are you testing with?

    After you made changes to the external DS schema, were you able to restart DS successfully?

    DS comes with default schema (in addition to schema present under other RFCs) required for it work as a Config Directory. I would check to ensure there are no errors. And what did you name your schema file?


    Hi Jatinder,

    Thank you for the reply. I am testing version 7.0, I was able to restart the DS successfully but the issue was a file permission problem. I had mistakenly started the DS as root at some point and the permissions where incorrect.

     Jatinder Singh

    Yes, that would do it. Glad you figured out :) Happy ForgeRocking!

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