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    Installing 5.5x web agent in 5.6.3 AM with Apache as web server. I go thru the install and all entries are validated and accepted. However in agent log I see the following:

    2020-08-02 15:07:00 OpenAM URL http:\\
    2020-08-02 15:07:00 parse_url fails the OpenAM URL “http:\\”

    The referenced URL is correct and if I paste it in my browser it takes me to the AM login page.

    Any thoughts on why the installer is tripping up over it?



    Never mind – doh


    This is the actual error:
    2020-08-02 16:18:01 error validating OpenAM agent configuration
    2020-08-02 16:18:01 installation error
    agent login to fails

    Again, the openam url is correct and leads to AM login page. Trying to understand why it can’t login. The profile password matches pwd.txt.

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