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     Brad Tumy

    I am customizing a few OpenAM jsp endpoints to match a clients branding. Login.jsp, Logout.jsp and login_failed_template.jsp were changed without issue. When trying to modify the Session Timeout (user has been idle on the login page) I presumed this was session_timeout.jsp but changes to that template don’t seem to make any difference. Is there a different jsp that I should be modifying to affect this page?


     Nicolas Seigneur

    I suggest you go to enable debug through /openam/Debug.jsp and turn on message level for CoreSystem.

    Let the login page timeout, then look in the debug directory “/opt/openam/openam/debug/CoreSystem”

    You should see:

    getting ordered paths for =openam|en_US|null||/html|session_timeout.jsp
    amResourceLookup: resourceURL :jndi:/localhost/openam/config/auth/default/session_timeout.jsp
    amResourceLookup: resourceName:/config/auth/default/session_timeout.jsp
     Brad Tumy

    Great advice Nicolas thanks! Turns out that it was something flukey with my development environment, when I deployed the changes to my test environment it was working as expected.

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