Allow end users to update customer attribute in OpenAM 13

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    I am following the ‘Customizing Profile Attributes’ section in OpenAM 13 Developer guide to add a custom attribute.
    While I was successful in getting the custom attribute displayed in the end user dashboard (using the classic UI), I am not able to edit the value. Procedure 4.3 of the developer guide has instructions on what to do in order to allow users to update the newly added attribute.
    While I was able to add <Value>customAttribute</Value> for iPlanetAMPolicyService, the second one seems to be tricky.
    The sunKeyValue parameter in sunEntitlementIndexes is actually empty. Is this how it should look like? should I update the parameter with the value as mentioned in the doc ? Pl advise.


    Solved !!! Thanks to an existing bug tracker [OPENAM 9273] for the lack of detailed instruction in this chapter.

    Basically the procedure 4.3 does not clearly explain ‘where’ to add the values under iPlanetAMPolicyService and sunEntitlementIndexes. Both these OUs have the attribute sunKeyValue at the OU level, where I had previously entered the recommended values (which was clearly wrong !). However, you need to go all the way to ‘dn: SelfWriteAttributes, ou=….’ and then you will find the attribute sunKeyValue with pre-existing values. This is where you need to enter the values mentioned in the doc.

    For iPlanetAMPolicyService, add <Value>customAttribute</Value> within the <AttributeValuePair>
    For sunEntitlementIndexes, add recommended value within the {\”attributes\”:[]}

    Hope this helps others who are stuck in this !!! :)

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